Pre-Order National Throat Vinyl!

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180 gram Blue/Gold Limited edition vinyl. With download card and bonus tracks. Signed and numbered 1-250. Everyone who orders is entreated to win a pair of LSTN headphones from Wheelkick Records.

Will Dailey’s National Throat has a trailer!!!

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Watch it here:

Soft Exile to release Maxi Single ever 4 months

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Here the first track here: Youtube Stream:

Will Dailey’s New Single Goes To Radio

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Listen to “Sunken Ship” here: Soundcloud: Youtube Stream:


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Will Dailey’s National Throat Has A Trailer!

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The upcoming album from Will Dailey is titled National Throat. Today we release the trailer for the album! PRE-ORDER NATIONAL THROAT HERE

New Single “Sunken Ship” a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition!

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*Out of 20,000 songs from around the world, “Sunken Ship” has been selected into the final 190! Now it meets a panel of judges that include Tom Waits, Imagine Dragons, Robert Smith, Jason Isbell, Black Francis and many more… *BUT there is also a People’s Choice award that you can vote in HERE. The song is…

20 Free Tracks! The $300 Man Exclusive

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National Throat, Will Dailey’s 4th album,comes out later in 2014. The first listen to two of the new songs (“Sunken Ship” & “Castle of Pretending”) is in this expansive 20 song collection encompassing Dailey’s whole career. Also included is long time live favorite and Pettyesque “$300 Dollar Man” available exclusively in this FREE download! –…